Generating Side Hustle Ideas

The goal this week:

Generate as many ideas for a side hustle as possible, any idea. If it excites me as a possible side hustle, jot it down. I wanted to have a list of at least 25 (semi-possible) ideas by the end of the week. I had an 8 hour drive for work and a lot of time to think. During the drive, to help with idea generation, I listened to three audio books:

  1. Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days” by Chris Guillebeau – [For the 2nd time]
  2. What If It Does Work Out?: How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life” by Susie Moore
  3. The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau

Driving has always been a great way for me to plow through some audiobooks. However, it is horrible when the ideas are flowing, since there isn’t a (safe) way to jot the notes down. Usually, OneNote is my favorite note taking app and has been for some time now. I’m able to jot down ideas as they come, reorganize, delete, change, and expand as I go. Therefore, I resorted to many “Hey Siri” shout-outs, and added the ideas to my reminders. Then, later that evening, I reorganized them all in to my notes.

Try Audible:

I highly recommend Audible for audiobooks. They have a huge selection, with plenty of reviews to help you make your choice. They literally save my sanity during all of my long work drives.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks