My First Side Hustle Ideas

My list of possible first side hustle ideas is getting to be quite long! Some are plausible, some might only be a dream, but the goal has been achieved and I’m thinking of ways to generate income.

The biggest lesson I’m learning throughout this journey is to be flexible. Ideas that I felt would be the strongest, have fizzled. Stronger ideas spun from those dead ends and my excitement grew. I would love to start my own real, physical business. My dream would be to walk through the doors of an establishment that I own, and work for myself. That’s thinking big. One day, I’ll get there but for now I have to start somewhere.

First Side Hustle Ideas:

Initially my side hustle ideas focused on my hobbies: lawn care, gardening, wood working, home brewing, blogging… and then expanded to cover topics that my friends and family call on me for advice: computers, internet, tech support, home automation, streaming television.

However, as Chris Guillebeau brilliantly says in The $100 Startup, “... you usually don’t get paid for your hobby itself; you get paid for helping other people pursue the hobby or for something indirectly related to it.” So, the first ideas I have chosen to pursue revolve around sharing my knowledge and information as a service provided to others with the same interest or hobby.

Be Flexible!

And here is where I say “you need to be flexible.” All that momentum was slowed when I started having server downtime issues with the web hosting company I was using. Since my initial idea revolved around creating a website to share my knowledge, I needed to find a solution, quickly. The web hosting company’s support was horrible, and not very helpful… So everything was on pause while I backed-up my entire server, and moved it to another hosting provider. [Note: this is why there has been a gap since my last post]

I was lucky and able to get a prorated refund for the time left on my contract. Then I was able to find, what I think, worked out to be an even better solution for web hosting. Since I plan to also blog about the tools and services I’m using along this pursuit, I plan to do a full write up on what this web host offers at some point. All you need to know for now, is that I was able to register a domain, get a free SSL certificate, and install WordPress very quickly.

Now that the server move is complete, I’m back to working on my side hustle.